Rochester, NY
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Billitier Project Management Team

Billitier’s Project Management Team is…

  • COMPREHENSIVE – Billitier is a single source electrical contractor who can provide many types of services including new construction, remodels, preventive maintenance, power quality monitoring, 24 hour emergency service, high voltage, teledata, and fiber optics.  We have the resources to man projects from large to small, from one worker to one hundred workers.
  • SERVICE-ORIENTED – Our company trucks and vans are customized to each project; stocked and ready with materials specific to the work. We are on call 24/7/365. We have electricians available in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton, Pennsylvania, Ithaca, and New Jersey.
  • RELIABLE – Our emergency response has a proven history. We have had experience with all issues and know what needs to be done. Our personnel are dedicated to working long hours and won’t leave until the job is complete.  Power failures can cause your service to go off line, and Billitier is there to bring them on line, generally without missing a beat.
  • EFFICIENT – Project Managers and field personnel are often able to re-program breakers and/or lighting on the fly without the trouble of pulling plans to solve problems quickly.  Project Managers are very familiar with control wiring schematics and can get power back up before any product loss occurs.
  • QUALITY-CONSCIENCE – To our knowledge, there has not been a complaint from a client about our work, or the way we do it.  We have continuous improvement through accountability.
  • EXPERIENCED – Knowledge of procedures, job sites, and facilities provides a cost savings to our clients. There have been many times we have found ourselves in the situation where other job site contractors will come to us for advice on an issue.
  • FAMILIAR – Billitier has a great rapport with our employees and has a high level of comfort with them. We have specific foremen, crews, and service technicians that work exclusively on our projects.