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Electrical Safety

Billitier Electric Inc. places a premium on the importance of electrical safety for all employees. Employee safety is a top priority in every aspect of our business, as our workforce is the most valuable resource. The company commits significantly to investing on an annual basis with regards to safety equipment, up-to-date safety training, and information to ensure that our employees have the safest possible work environment available to them.


From the President through our skilled craftworkers and back-office support, improved safety performance depends on making all employees accountable. We make it every employee’s responsibility to ensure:

  • the safety program is carried out,
  • everyone utilizes safety work practices,
  • unsafe conditions are eliminated or controlled,
  • necessary protective equipment is available and properly used,
  • all personnel are instructed in safe practices, procedures, and job requirements,
  • all incidents are thoroughly investigated, and the causes corrected immediately,
  • and they are familiar with all safe working rules pertaining to their job.


We recognize that employee education is the cornerstone in the prevention of incidents and near misses. Safety training establishes a safety culture in which employees take ownership of our program and promote proper safety procedures while on the job.

Safety training is an integral part of providing our craft workers the best chance at success. Initial onboarding training as well as regular “refresher” courses take place to ensure that safety and best practices are reinforced at all times. All training is tracked to ensure qualified resources are available to safely and efficiently deliver our services.


Billitier Electric Inc’s Corporate Safety Director Phil Moran has over 18 years of experience in the construction industry. Starting in the field and has always prioritized helping his fellow co-workers which led him to take a safety role early in his career. Phil is both a leader and advocate for what is best for each individual employee having performed similar tasks many field workers do every day. Phil is a Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP) and has sat on the board of a nationally recognized Industry Safety Organization.

In addition, Billitier also works very closely with Safety and Loss Control representatives from our insurance brokerage in collaboration with the services of Rogers Enterprises. This collaborative team effort provides invaluable resources and guidance on a consistent basis to ensure that Billitier Electric meets or exceeds its safety objectives and expectations. For more information, please contact Eric Rogers, Safety Coordinator, at or 585-415-8900.