Rochester, NY
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Billitier Design Team

The Billitier Design Team is…

  • EXPERIENCED – Billitier Electric has over 40 years of construction, maintenance and design experience.
  • INNOVATIVE – Billitier was the first to design full store emergency power generation, first to design parallel emergency power generation, and we are the only design group to facilitate closed transition with utilities including the application process.
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE – The Billitier design team is a consultant to the other design engineers due to our extensive field experience.  If there is an installation issue, we’re the first ones the other groups come to for information.
  • EFFICIENT – Because we are a design/build contractor we can expedite fast track projects more effectively. We eliminate steps by literally going from the design table to the construction floor with our designs. This is faster and more efficient than going through the bid process.
  • COMMUNICATORS – Coordination between our design group and field personnel is direct. This helps streamline the changes made on any project. We can provide a quicker turnaround and more effectively document the changes saving money and time now and in the future.
  • INTERACTIVE – Our extensive knowledge of projects and facilities enables us provide vital information to clients.  Even Billitier’s design team is available 24/7 for any assistance.
  • VERSATILE – We have the unique experience of complete electrical design for many corporate facilities which includes offices, warehouse and production plants.  We also have designed and built the majority of Wegmans supermarkets in New York State.
  • COORDINATED – The Billitier design team has built relationships with the local utilities companies on behalf of their clients. We work closely with the utility companies to insure that we are complying to their requirements for new projects and coordinate any emergency issues that may arise at any project facilities.